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We could not operate this service without the help from the following companies. Please contact us if you feel your business could offer support. 

WAS - Buiding something special to accomplish something special

WAS vehicles are produced by 350 employees. They are the result of forward-thinking development and careful workmanship and testing. More than 1600 WAS special vehicles leave our factory in Wietmarschen every year – and each vehicle has lots of features which make an ambulance or special-purpose vehicle truly special – details which make them a special vehicle from the WAS brand.

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The Ortus Group 

The Ortus Group was formed to harness and capitalise on the skills and industry knowledge of its team members in order to provide a highly specialised distribution business supplying innovative solutions. The product portfolio includes vehicle telematics, medical devices, medical equipment servicing and asset finance.

The Ortus Group has positioned itself as the industry leader in designing, providing and supporting technology solutions for the Emergency Services and related markets. We will actively seek and partner with providers of innovative solutions for our specified market on behalf of our customers.

To supply leading edge technology products to the Emergency Services and related markets.



Lucky Leftovers App - Codacity 

At Codacity we design, develop and implement custom software solutions to help our clients leverage rapidly growing business issues and take advantage of the latest technologies.

We consistently go beyond clients’ expectations by bringing together technology, talent, innovation, and the highest quality standards.

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